Our wedding party

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Jenna's attendants
  • Jessie Barnaby, Maid Of Honor
    Jessie is an older sister of Jenna's.
  • Jamie Barnaby, Bridesmaid
    Jamie is an older sister of Jenna's.
  • Steph Dipold, Bridesmaid
    College friend, co worker, and former roommate of Jenna's.
  • Ashley Aukerman, Bridesmaid
    Younger sister of Mike's.
  • Katelyn Britenriker, Bridesmaid
    Cousin of Jenna's
  • Payton Schwan, Flower Girl
    Jenna's niece.
Mike's attendants
  • Nick Shaffer, Best Man
    Nick and Mike have been best friends since they met in 5th grade where they frequently made bike trips to McDonalds, Speedies, and Expressos.
  • Nick Aukerman, Groomsman
    Nick is Mike's younger brother. He was a test subject for a majority of Mike's childhood adventures.
  • Jarrod Davis, Groomsman
    Jarrod has been friends with Mike since the two played basketball and track together in 1996. The two once ate $56 worth of Taco Bell after a Friday night basketball game.
  • Brad Barwick, Groomsman
    Brad has been one of Mike's best friends since he moved to East Canton. The two were neighbors growing up where Brad once hid for 2 hours in a blanket chest. He also lugged Mike around, with a broken femur, to a scUm football game while in college.
  • Evan Seemann, Groomsman
    Evan and Mike have been friends since middle school. They are both adamant Buckeye fans. They thoroughly enjoy heckling friends and random strangers - ask Shaffer, and the cherry picker, at the Cavs game.
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